Understanding Menopause Treatment

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Menopause: Management or Cure

While MenoSupp is a natural menopause treatment, there is no cure for menopause. All menopause management must be continued as long as a woman’s symptoms are present. Menopause is generally believed to occur because as women get older their eggs gradually begin to decrease and the follicles that housed the eggs close up. Both the eggs and follicles maintained a woman’s estrogen levels before menopause. As eggs gradually disappear there is a resulting drop in estrogen causing menopausal symptoms. This process occurs in a woman’s ovary. There are no drugs or supplements on the market that can currently reverse this natural part of the aging process.

While there are natural menopause treatments and hormone replace therapy, these methods will not cure your menopause. They will only help you cope with the symptoms. Fortunately, many of the symptoms of hormone changes from menopause do disappear in many women (although it may take a number of years in some cases). For some unfortunate women, menopause symptoms can be permanent. But recent scientific research shows that there is hope for such women and challenges the way we view menopause.

Recent studies conducted on mice shows that even in menopausal women, eggs do not just disappear, but just become inactive. In these studies, part of an ovary from a “menopausal” mouse was removed and attached (grafted) onto the ovary of a young mouse. Amazingly, the tissue from the “menopausal” ovary began to produce eggs again once it was attached the ovary of a young mouse. This means that, by adding young ovarian tissue, the tissue in the ovary of menopausal women can be reawakened to produce eggs and thereby potentially reverse menopause.

Since the process of reawakening egg production worked on mice, it may one day have human applications as well. At this point, research is still in its early stages, but science is showing that it is at least plausible to reverse the part of the aging process responsible menopause. This procedure will likely be very expensive as it involves taking part of the ovary of a non-menopausal woman, and it may result in the ability to have children again which would be undesirable in many cases. But for some women it may be worth it.