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Jul 2014

Surgical Menopause and Natural Menopause Treatments

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Women who have had their ovaries removed or have had an oophorectomy may wonder what their natural menopause treatments options are They may wonder whether herbal remedies for hot flashes apply to them, whether they will be effective, and so forth. Well, for those of you are not sure, the answer is maybe. You see, even if herbal remedies for hot flashes are effective, if you have had your ovaries removed at a young enough age, hormone replacement or HRT may actually be good for you despite the many, many health risks. Before going further, I should note that the decisions you make after your oophorectomy can have serious consequences on your future health and you should always consult with your doctor. That said, this article is meant to give you some information so you know what to expect and to help you make an informed decision.

Getting an oophorectomy at a young age (generally younger than 50) means your estrogen levels have dropped prematurely (the expected time being natural menopause- the natural age of menopause usually occurs at age 51). Researchers have discovered that there is a higher risk of heart disease for women that have had their ovaries removed prior to natural menopause. Estrogen may be beneficial to the inner layer of artery wall by helping to keep blood vessels flexible so that they loosen up and expand to accommodate blood flow. However, this is just a theory and even the American Heart Association recommends against it for postmenopausal women because some studies have shown it does not reduce the risk of heart conditions or stroke.

Additionally, having the operation at a young age can double the risk of Parkinson’s. There is information suggesting that estrogen shields the brain from damage that could lead to motor skill impediments, Dr. Rocca said. “There is biological evidence from animal studies that estrogen is protective for the specific part of the brain that is involved in controlling movements.” However, the risk of Parkinson’s is very slim and some doctors assert that there is not enough data to prescribe hormones despite the reduced risk of Parkinson’s.

Another consideration for young people is that reduced estrogen is traditionally associated with osteoporosis and HRT has shown to help slow down this process.

On the flip side, if you are 50 or older when you have done this operation there are many, many considerations weighing against hormone therapy. For starters, HRT has many annoying side effects like swollen and painful breasts, headaches, and nausea. But it does not stop there, HRT has some really dangerous side effects like increased risk for stroke, ovarian cancer, blood clots, heart attacks and breast cancer. The amount of increase of the risk can be significant, but the matter is still being researched. Generally, HRT is not recommended unless you have severe symptoms.

If you are over the age of 50, and have had your ovaries removed, trying a natural menopause supplement is a good option instead of diving into HRT because of the reduced risk of these side effects and a good probably that they will reduce your symptoms. At a certain age, having surgical menopause is very similar to regular menopause and thus the solutions are very similar.

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