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Jul 2014

Supplements for Hot Flashes

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So there are many supplements for hot flashes and other natural treatment for hot flashes on the market today but few of them are as a effective as MenoSupp. One thing that makes MenoSupp unique as a natural treatment for hot flashes is that it has a selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor component or (SSRI) to it. Generally SSRIs are used in anti-depressants and indeed this is most likely the reason why MenoSupp shows such a positive effect on mood.* A SSRI is not traditionally a natural menopause treatment and it is only within the last ten years of so are people realizing its potential benefit for menopause. Actually they are made to influence the way the chemicals in the brain work specifically serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps send signals across the brain. It is mostly manufactured in the brain and regulates many of our behaviors. It is believe that low levels of the chemical are responsible for depression, but people are not 100% sure on the matter.

All this is not real news for menopause, but the following is: there was a study that showed that SSRI’s reduced menopause vasomotor symptoms like hot flashes. Actually there was a randomized, placebo-controlled trial conducted on 205 women. Women had an average of 9.8 hot flashes per day. During eight weeks of treatment the amount of symptoms were reduced by an average of a whopping 4.6 per day and only 3.2 for the placebo group. This showed a “strong” statistical difference between the control group and the placebo. It is not clear why or how these work but it is suspected that serotonin in fact places a role in the regulation of body temperature. Unfortunately, if you go out and get a prescription SSRI it may lead to some very unwanted side effects which include: anxiety, loss of appetite, weight gain, sexual dysfunction, increased risk of bleeding disorders such as GI bleeding. Fortunately, MenoSupp has such a low dose of these that there is very little risk that you will get these effects as opposed to getting a prescription SSRI.

In addition to the SSRI component, MenoSupp has phytoestrogen properties which is the basis of many herbal remedies for hot flashes. Other parts of the website have gone on in more detail on the matter but it is sufficient to say that it is another basis for which MenoSupp is alleviating menopause symptoms but the SSRI component is pretty unique to MenoSupp and should be taken into consideration.

*MenoSupp should not be used as a substitute for depression treatment. Depression is a life threatening condition and you should consult with your doctor if you suspect you have it.

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