MenoSupp and Hot Flash Treatment

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MenoSupp and Hot Flash Treatment

When considering herbal remedies for hot flashes, consider this: A study was conducted on a group of women with menopause to see how effective licorice (the basic ingredient of Menopause) is as a treatment for hot flashes. In this study 22% reported having severe hot flashes. After taking licorice, the percentage of women suffering from severe hot flashes dropped down to only 2%! When the group of women stopped taking licorice, after 4 weeks the percentage of women with severe hot flashes went back up to 24%! These amazing results are why MenoSupp is a great natural treatment for hot flashes.

So MenoSupp is one of the best supplements for menopause hot flashes, but what are hot flashes? Vasomotor symptoms (VMS) also known as hot flash or “hot flush” are generally viewed as the most common and troublesome symptom of menopause. Menopause hot flashes can result in night sweats, which are hot flashes that occur during sleep that result in sweating. Decreases in hot flashes will generally result in fewer night sweats, so anything that helps with hot flashes will generally help with night sweats.

Surprisingly little is known about the exact trigger and cause of a hot flash but there is evidence that it is related to the decrease in estrogen levels as a result of menopause. These decreased estrogen levels may be responsible for altering the body’s control of temperature regulation or other regulatory systems in the body. Affecting these system can either the perception of increased heat or actually increasing the heat of the body. When the body wants to get rid of excess heat, the blood vessels dilate (open) so that blood can get closer to the surface to the skin and be cooled off from by exposure to cooler outside temperature. Ironically, the opening of the blood vessels causes blood to rush through the body causing momentary sensations of heat. This is what is going on when a woman experiences a hot flash.

The mechanism behind why MenoSupp is such a good natural treatment for hot flashes probably has to do with the fact that licorice has phytoestrogens which act like estrogen in the body to balance out the loss of estrogen from menopause and stop the chain reaction that leaders to hot flashes.

Clinically and theoretically the evidence is strong that MenoSupp is one of the best supplements for hot flashes. This should be kept in mind before resorting to any type of hormone replacement therapy. Generally speaking, herbal remedies for hot flashes are recommended over hormone replacement therapy because hormone replace therapy can lead to serious side effects such as strokes and endometrial cancer.