Menopause Remedies

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Menopause Remedies to Enhance Effects MenoSupp

MenoSupp is a natural supplement that can dramatically decrease your menopause symptoms. You will be pleasantly surprised! The trade off to taking a natural supplement is that it generally takes a few weeks for the results to begin. Plus there is no absolute cure to menopause so you may have occasionally hot flash or night sweat no matter what you do. The good news is that there are natural remedies for menopause symptoms to hold you over before MenoSupp takes effect and to enhance the effect of MenoSupp once it does!


What to avoid: Alcohol, coffee, spicy foods, and chocolate have been known to trigger hot flashes so stay away from them! Also, avoid large, heavy meals before going to sleep. Keep animal fat such as cheese and red meat to a minimum and reduce sugar intake. These practices are good for your health anyway, so do not feel bad about having to drop these bad habits! What helps: Foods high in vitamin C such as broccoli and citrus fruits can help with hot flashes so eat them! Additionally, omega-3 fatty acids are good for your mood so eat fish like tuna and salmon. Also, calcium supplements are recommended to prevent osteoporosis and promote bone health. Balance calcium with magnesium and take vitamin D to help absorption.


Even if you were not going through menopause you should be exercising! The importance of exercise increases when you are going through menopause because according to some studies, vigorous physical activity actually helps with hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings. After that jog, throw in some resistance training to aid with bone health.


Generally it is good to wear layers of loose clothing (preferably made of natural fiber such as cotton) that can be easily taken off at the onset of a hot flash.


A healthy sex life can increase blood flow to the vagina and help maintain tissue health. Not to mention the positive effects on mood. However, avoid sex if you have vaginal irritation and extend foreplay for appropriate levels of arousal. Use a trusted brand of water based lubricant in the event of vaginal dryness! Since the symptoms of perimenopause are so similar to that of menopause these work as natural remedies for perimenopause as well, so it’s never too late to start.