Licorice and Menopause

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Why MenoSupp Makes Sense: Licorice and Menopause

The ideal supplement or drug for menopause would help women cope with menopausal symptoms by acting like the estrogen they lose during menopause. At the same time it would not have harmful effects on the breast and uterus that estrogen has in the body. This article will explain why MenoSupp meets the standard for this ideal supplement.

MenoSupp is a licorice supplement for menopause. People have previously used licorice for menopause symptoms but there was not much research supporting its effectiveness. Today, the beneficial effects of licorice are confirmed by double-blind randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial. The results of the trial were that licorice causes a significant reduction in menopause symptoms.

The great benefits shown by the clinical study are not very surprising because it was previously known that that glabridin, the major isoflavan in licorice root, is similar to estrogen. Glabridin was initially studied and tested because its structural resembled that of estradiol which is one of the three naturally occurring estrogens in the body. Menopause symptoms are closely connected to diminishing estradiol levels. In one of the pioneering studies on glabridin, glabridin was proven to be a phytoestrogen, that actually binds to estrogen receptors in the body. According to the study, “The stimulatory effects of 2.5–25 μg/animal glabridin were similar to those of 5 mg/animal estradiol.” So it makes sense that a natural substance that shares the same structure as estradiol, and is confirmed to operate similar to estradiol in the body, will have beneficial effects with respect to relieving menopause symptoms.

So we know that glabridin, a isoflavone of licorice can act like estrogen, but is it safe to take it? A Dutch study conducted on 15,555 women showed that in Western populations, a high intake of isoflavones is not significantly related to any breast cancer risk. Similar results have been shown for endometrial cancer. While it is recommended that you speak to your doctor regarding any concerns, the scientific consensus seems to be that there is no risk to taking this supplement.

Here we have it, MenoSupp is the ideal supplement for menopause symptoms because it acts like estrogen without the risk of estrogen. MenoSupp just makes sense because of the scientific support for its role in relieving menopausal symptoms.

It is important to note that MenoSupp is NOT just plain licorice; it is actually an extract of licorice which removes the glycyrrhizic acid which can have harmful effect if taken in high enough doses. So unlike regular licorice, MenoSupp is safe for daily consumption.