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Jul 2014

Supplements for Hot Flashes

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So there are many supplements for hot flashes and other natural treatment for hot flashes on the market today but few of them are as a effective as MenoSupp. One thing that makes MenoSupp unique as a natural treatment for hot flashes is that it has a selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor component or (SSRI) to it. Generally SSRIs are used in anti-depressants and indeed this is most likely the reason why MenoSupp shows such a positive effect on mood.* A SSRI is not traditionally a natural menopause treatment and it is only within the last ten years of so are people realizing its potential benefit for menopause. Actually they are made to influence the way the chemicals in the brain work specifically serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps send signals across the brain. It is mostly manufactured in the brain and regulates many of our behaviors. It is believe that low levels of the chemical are responsible for depression, but people are not 100% sure on the matter.

All this is not real news for menopause, but the following is: there was a study that showed that SSRI’s reduced menopause vasomotor symptoms like hot flashes. Actually there was a randomized, placebo-controlled trial conducted on 205 women. Women had an average of 9.8 hot flashes per day. During eight weeks of treatment the amount of symptoms were reduced by an average of a whopping 4.6 per day and only 3.2 for the placebo group. This showed a “strong” statistical difference between the control group and the placebo. It is not clear why or how these work but it is suspected that serotonin in fact places a role in the regulation of body temperature. Unfortunately, if you go out and get a prescription SSRI it may lead to some very unwanted side effects which include: anxiety, loss of appetite, weight gain, sexual dysfunction, increased risk of bleeding disorders such as GI bleeding. Fortunately, MenoSupp has such a low dose of these that there is very little risk that you will get these effects as opposed to getting a prescription SSRI.

In addition to the SSRI component, MenoSupp has phytoestrogen properties which is the basis of many herbal remedies for hot flashes. Other parts of the website have gone on in more detail on the matter but it is sufficient to say that it is another basis for which MenoSupp is alleviating menopause symptoms but the SSRI component is pretty unique to MenoSupp and should be taken into consideration.

*MenoSupp should not be used as a substitute for depression treatment. Depression is a life threatening condition and you should consult with your doctor if you suspect you have it.

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May 2014

Natural Menopause Supplement

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There is a lot of discussion about what makes a good natural menopause supplement. Often what comes up in this discussion is the question of what is the best menopause supplement. An understanding of a good natural menopause supplement and the best menopause supplement is a deep topic of discussion that I will save for another article. This article is devoted to enriching your knowledge about supplements in general. Supplements are largely based on herbal medicine. Herbal medicine is medicine that uses seeds, berries, leaves, bark, root, etc… for medicinal purposes. This type of medicine has a very long and detailed history outside of conventional medicine (in fact predating it). This article will very lightly touch upon this rich history.

So today when we have a headache that we feel is not getting better soon, we usually just pop an aspirin. However, in the past, people would boil white willow bark in water and the resulting tea would help with pains and aches. Modernly, we learned that there is a chemical called salicin in white willow bark which turns into acetylsalicylic acid aka aspirin! So effective natural remedies often lead to medical breakthroughs.

Ginseng is one of the oldest herbs in the world. It used to be associated with memory improvement but that is no longer thought to be the case. Today it is thought to improve your immune system and ward of respiratory infections. In the prehistoric times people would gather anything edible such as herbs. Knowledge of the edible foods would be often be passed down, sometimes by members of the community who had specialized knowledge like a medicine man. Eventually these remedies were recorded onto tablets. These tables had uses for many herbs including our favorite herb licorice which is the basis for MenoSupp!

The Chinese have been using herbs for over 5,000 years. China has the longest history of use and knowledge about medicinal herbs. The first recorded document that we can point to is about 4000 years old which was written by Emperor Shen Nong who studied over 300 herbal remedies.

One of the oldest and complete documents was created by the Egyptians which had recorded uses for over 700 medical herbs. This is called the Papyus Ebers and it has many relevant remedies like aloe vera.

In the Middle Ages knowledge of herbal and most of civilization was almost lost forever. However, in the monasteries, Monks continued to record herbal remedies and even have expansive herb gardens.

Today, herbals remedies are more popular than ever, particularly in the United States. It is speculated that that there are hundreds if not thousands of undiscovered herbal remedies in places like the Amazon.

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Apr 2014

Meditation and Menopause

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While menopause supplements are great at reducing the symptoms of menopause you are likely to still have the occasional symptom no matter what menopause supplement you take. However, a menopause supplement is one of the best things you can do as a first step. This is because menopause supplements are generally low risk, natural, and require relatively little effort. That said, no matter how much your menopause symptoms are being reduced, menopause comes with physical and mental challenges that meditation can help you overcome.

Meditation helps you relieve stress. However, unlike other forms of stress relief, meditation helps give you the skills to cope with stress when it does occur, in all its forms. So, for example, when you have a hot flash, the person you become after meditation will be better able to cope with the hot flash. You will generally feel more control over your mind and body. You will develop “mindfulness” the art of being aware of the present and the things that are going on around you. This will guide you through difficult experiences. Meditation improves sleep, makes you smarter, and makes you less likely to be depressed, any much more.

So meditation means a lot of things to different people. One of the most common perceptions of meditation is that you are trying to “stop thinking” or that you are trying to “empty your mind.” While these things sound deep, they are not all that helpful to guiding you. Meditation is an active thing. You are focusing your awareness on one thing so that your mind is not lost in repetitive cycles of thought. In focusing on a single thing, you are taking control of your mind instead of letting your mind be controlled by any thought that pops into your head.

The first thing to do is sit in a comfortable position. The traditional cross legged position is very difficult but meditation can achieved in any relatively comfortable position like sitting on a chair or any cross legged position you feel comfortable in that is not hurting you. It’s important to have an erect back. Also try not to get so comfortable that you get sleepy. You should research the right position for your body to take based on your abilities.

Once you’ve found the right spot, the next thing to do is take a lot of deep breaths through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Ok now, you want to focus on your breathing. Inhale and exhale slowly and rhythmically through your nose. Count to ten. So the first inhale is one, the first exhale, is two, second inhale is three, etc… Whenever a thought pops into your mind, you must stay focused on counting while at the same time, gently allowing it the pass.

You can practice counting to 10 for a few weeks until you feel ready to just focus on your breath. Or you can try a body scan which is my personal favorite. With a body scan you just focus your awareness of the sensations of the body. You can focus on feeling the breath going into your nose or the tension in your shoulders etc.

If you practice what I have written above for a month or two you should already begin to see dramatic changes in your mind. You may think about joining a local meditation center.

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